Economic Growth

Recycling metals saves much money, which can be rather spent to improve and strengthen the economy of the country. The government can give these funds to companies so that they can expand.

Drop in Prices

If all countries recycle more metals, this will have a direct impact on prices. Recycling requires a lower cost than extracting and re-manufacturing metals. Thus, prices can drop as a result.

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Energy Control

The process of recycling metals requires much less energy than refining and producing metals. For example, we can save about 95% of energy when we recycle aluminum instead of producing it.

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Preserving Resources

One of the biggest benefits of recycling is the ability to preserve and reduce the usage of natural resources. Thus, natural resources will last longer. Metal scrap is not a waste; it is a long-lasting resource that can be reused several times.

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Reducing Emissions

Production of metals results in emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon emissions. But by recycling metals, we can reduce the damage resulting from these emissions.